Nursing Integrative Practicum Program Clinical Teaching Associate (CTA) Information

Nursing Integrative Practicum Program

Clinical Teaching Associate (CTA) Information


Welcome to the Integrative Practicum Experience. Without you, the Integrative Practicum experience would not be possible.  Nurses, who give their time and talent to students, as Clinical Teaching Associates (CTA), greatly contribute to the advancement of the nursing profession. A one-on-one guided entry into practice prepares the individual student for the roles and realities of their profession. You do your nursing peers and profession a great service by participating with the faculty at Lane Community College to provide this experience for a soon-to-be colleague. 

This CTA website has been created to help you reflect, refresh and possibly relearn strategies to enhance student learning and reduce concerns regarding your role. It has been reorganized to address OCNE competencies and give situational specific information. The CTA information is divided into four sections:

  1. Integrative Practicum Guidelines

    • Faculty, Student, and Clinical Teaching Associate Roles and Responsibilities
    • Scheduling Guidelines
    • Guidelines for Student Progression
    • Situations that Require CTA Supervision
    • Guidelines for Calling Faculty
    • Accident/Injury Procedures
  2. Clinical Application of Teaching-Learning Theory

    • Facilitating Development of Clinical Judgment
    • Difference Between Clinical Teaching Associate (CTA) and Preceptor
    • Comparison of Critical Thinking Processes of Novice & Expert Nurses
    • Establishing an Effective CTA/Student Relationship
  3. Student Evaluation Process

    • OCNE Competencies
    • Evaluation Process
    • Unsatisfactory Student Behaviors
  4. Forms