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Recreational Sports

About Us

Lane Recreational Sports is a student-funded program providing fun, safe, and educational oriented activities for the student either free of charge (once a month family fun days) or at discounted rates.
All others: Faculty, staff, and the community of Lane College may not participate, as the program's entirety is supported by "Lane Student Fees".

Proof of Eligibility

Student participation in any of the listed recreational events/activities requires proof of current term student status. Note: students must be enrolled in at least one credited class on the main campus and pay the applicable "student fees". Eligibility can be validated with a student body card, term schedule, or L #.

Assumption of Risk

The participant understands that participation in recreational activities involves certain inherent risks of personal injury. The use of facilities, equipment or participation in a recreational program shall constitute acceptance of that risk regardless of the nature of the injury. The participant must agree that Lane Community College, its officers, employees, and agents shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage sustained or suffered by persons participating in recreational activities at the college. The participant must understand that the Lane Recreational Sports department does not carry insurance covering individuals using the facilities or participating in recreational programs. Individuals not having health coverage are strongly advised to acquire health insurance before subjecting themselves to possible injury. It is strongly suggested participants check with their physician before taking part in any rigorous physical activity.


All recreational activities are subject to cancellation due to several factors: low enrollment, facility conflicts, staffing problems, etc. For the latest in scheduling updates please call the Recreational Sports Office at 541-463-5576.


Some age restrictions exist in several Lane Community College facilities. These age limits are set solely for safety and liability reasons. Many of the restrictions are noted whenever possible but for more information please call 541-463-5576.


Lane Community College is not responsible for personal items that are lost or stolen. Patrons are urged to use a locker to secure their valuables or leave them at home.

Lost and Found

Public Safety is the official repository for lost and found property on the 30th Ave Campus. Individuals finding lost property shall contact Public Safety and make arrangements for the property to be picked up or delivered to Public Safety. Lost property shall not be held in departments with the exception for contents of PE lockers: Personal clothing, and items with no obvious monetary or sentimental value, which are left in PE lockers at the end of the term will be kept at the locker cage for the term break and the first week of the next term. Persons may claim their property there. At the end of the first week of classes clothing will be donated to the No Cash Clothing Stash on campus. Non-clothing items with presumed sentimental or monetary worth will be taken to Public Safety when the lockers are emptied.

Important Telephone Numbers