Health, PE and Athletics Locker Room

Locker Room

Building #5, 110 (Women's) & 120 (Men's)

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The $15.00 PE fee provides resources to offer classes, help maintain and update equipment, maintain and improve instructional areas, furnish supplies and provide PE clothing, towels and lockers.

If you drop your PE class, or were administratively dropped by your instructor, within the first week of class, you must return any issued clothing to the Issue Window for a full $15.00 refund and avoid any additional charges.

Locker & Clothing service:

  • Students currently enrolled in a credit PE or Dance class that includes the $15 PE Fee are eligible to check out a locker for the term.
  • Locks are provided. Personal locks are not permitted and will be removed without notice.
  • Students currently enrolled in a credit PE or Dance class that includes the $15 PE Fee are eligible to use the clothing service.
  • The following clothing items are available for check out and exchange:
    • T-shirt, shorts, shower towel, workout towel and socks

Clothing exchange service:

  • Lane Community College issued clothing may be exchanged at the Issue Window (5/102).
  • All clothing brought to the window must be turned RIGHT side out before it is exchanged.
  • You must receive a clean set of clothing at the same time you exchange clothing.
  • It is Your Responsibility to make sure that a Complete Exchange has been made each time.
  • If you are no longer going to use a clothing item, please let the staff at the Issue Window know, so that the item can be removed from your account and you receive a receipt for your records.
  • Once an item is turned in (checked back in on the computer), it is returned for the term and will not be checked out again. This helps reduce the possibility of errors in data entry.

Replacement cost:

  • If you should lose any of your PE clothing, come to the Issue Window, and we will re-issue your lost items.
  • If the lost item is not found by the end of the term your account will be charged accordingly, you will be held responsible to pay for it. Current pricing is: Shower Towel - $10.00; Socks - $5.00; T-shirt - $15.00; Shorts - $15.00; Workout Towel $7.00; Card Key $48.00.

End-of-Term procedures:

  • If you are not signed up to participate in a credit PE/Dance class that includes the $15 PE Fee for the upcoming term, all issued clothing must be returned by the end of the term. Look for specific dates and times posted near the Exchange Window at the end of each term.
  • A cleanout fee will be charged for lockers not emptied, and personal items will be held during any break week(s) and for one (1) week into the next term before disposal. The current fee is $20.00.
  • If you are signed up to participate in a credit PE/Dance class that includes the $15 PE Fee, by Wednesday of Finals Week, for the upcoming term, you may keep your locker assignment through the break week(s) and into the upcoming term.

Safety and Security:

  • Close and lock your locker at all times when you are not present.
  • The Health & PE Department reserves the right to check any locker to recover LaneCC property.
  • The Health & PE Department is not responsible for any lost or stolen property in the locker room. Report alleged thefts to Campus Public Safety (541) 463-5558.
  • Only the student registered for the PE/Dance class may retrieve the contents of a locker. Please notify our office if you will not be able to meet the end of term deadline. If the student is unable to retrieve the contents, they can only be released to individuals with a "Power of Attorney", presented to Enrollment Services, or to others in the event of the students' death.

It is your responsibility to read and observe all posted rules and changes in procedures and deadlines.

If you have any questions about these procedures, please discuss them with the staff at the Exchange Window.

Locker Room Contact Info:

Chris Stewart
Phone: 541-463-5557

Facility Coordinator: TBA, 541-463-5554.