Info for Health Professions Students

Information for Health Professions Students Regarding Immunizations and Physicals

We are pleased to provide low cost physicals for our Health Profession students. Please schedule your physical and immunization appointment as soon as possible, but be sure to follow the dates provided to your by your Health Profession program. It may take up to 6 weeks or longer to complete all necessary steps depending on your immunization history.

Immunizations and Physicals

You will need an appointment for all visits except having a TB (PPD) test read.
In Summer term we are open Monday-Thursday.
Tuberculin skin tests (PPD) can only be done on Monday or Tuesday.

The cost of the immunizations may be billed to your insurance if you have Trillium or DMAP. If you do not have insurance or have another insurance, the fee for the immunizations will be the responsibility of the patient. The cost of titers and tuberculin skin tests will be the responsibility of the patient, even if you have insurance.

For any charge you pay, you may request a receipt that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement.

Refer to the following flow sheet to determine your vaccination and tuberculin skin test schedule to ensure you successfully complete all steps before your program begins.

Immunization and Titer Prices

Physical $50

Vaccine Price *
Hep A (2) $98 each
Hep A/B (3) $156 each
Hep B (3) $80 each
MMR (2) $110 each
Varicella (2) $187 each
Tdap (1) $45
PPD (TB test) $15 each
Titer/blood test Price
Hep B $22
MMR $37
Varicella $14
Quantiferon Gold test for TB $55

*Vaccine and Lab prices are subject to change without notice.

Please bring your immunization records to your appointment.
Hints for obtaining immunization records:

  • Come to the clinic and fill out a release of records from your primary care provider prior to your appointment.
  • If you are a recent high school graduate, your high school may have these records, get them before summer break if you can!

Immunization and physical handout for Health Professions