Technology Council

Technology Council


Technology Council Decision Matrix


The Technology Council will develop, review, and evaluate a college technology strategic plan and technology policies in accordance with the vision, mission, core values, learning principles, and strategic directions of the college.

Scope of Work:

  • Develop a college technology strategic plan
    • Synthesize technology needs of the college into a comprehensive technology plan that promotes the effective and efficient use of computer technology in instruction and in services
    • Assist the Learning Council to develop an instructional technology plan
    • Collaborate with appropriate councils and departments to develop the overall college technology plan including student services, operations, and telecommunications as components of the plan
    • Ensure consideration of the human and work design impact of computer technology systems in technology strategic planning. Include the impact on students, classified, faculty, and manager

(Note: setting of priorities within the technology strategic plan should be a major driver in implementation planning.)

  • Monitor and assess the effectiveness of the technology strategic plan (including all of its components) and implementation outcomes. Assessment should include learning outcomes, service outcomes, operational outcomes, and human impact
  • Update the technology strategic plan according to the guidelines of the college-wide planning system
  • Develop, review and approve college-wide computer technology policies. Assess the effectiveness of policy implementation through analysis of outcomes


  • CIO for Information Technology 1
  • Division Dean of Academic Technology 1
  • Classified 3
  • Faculty 2
  • Managers 2
  • Students 2
  • Additional members by position 0-4