Finance Council

Finance Council

Finance Council Decision Matrix - under review



  • Develop college-wide financial and budget policies
  • Develop the long-range financial plan
  • Evaluate the financial performance of the college
  • Evaluate the results of policies, planning and the annual budget process, recommending changes as necessary

Scope of Work:

The Finance Council is responsible for college-wide budget and finance policy and for long-range fiscal strategies and planning. The Vice President for College Operations is responsible for operating procedures to implement policy. The Finance Council is responsible for evaluating financial performance and evaluating the results of implementation of policy and plans.

The Finance Council shall:

  • Develop and evaluate college-wide budget/financial policies
  • Develop the college's strategies and long-range fiscal plan in support of the strategic plan
  • Recommend to the president assumptions and criteria for the annual budget development process
  • Evaluate financial performance and budget development process
  • Provide a college-wide forum for dialogue on budget and finance issues


  • VP for College Operations  1
  • VP for Academic and Student Affairs  1
  • Chief Financial Officer  1
  • Classified  2
  • Faculty  2
  • Managers  2
  • Students  2
  • Additional members by position  0-4
  • Strategic and Budget Officer  1