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The Foundation offers students at Lane Community College a bigger and better future by granting scholarship money to help with funding of their education. You have the opportunity to participate in that process. Scholarship Recipent with Ty

Volunteers are needed to review Lane Community College Foundation Scholarship applications from March to May. Applications are reviewed online, so this is a job you can do at home in your slippers.

  • Scholarships applications are available online and usually open the first week of January.
  • Student deadline to complete applications is usually in March.
  • Training for Volunteer Scholarship Readers usually occurs the week of the College's spring break, towards the end of March.
  • A make-up training for Volunteer Scholarship Readers is usually held the first week in April.
  • Scholarship applications will be available for review beginning April 1 and should be completed by the first week of May.  

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Scholarship Reader, please sign up below or contact us at or (541) 463-5226.

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Volunteer Scholarship Readers are needed to review Lane Community College Foundation scholarship applications. Applications are reviewed online so this is a job you can do at home, in your slippers!

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