Withdrawal Information

Award Information - Withdrawal Information

Official Withdrawals:

When you drop your last class for a term of enrollment, it is considered an official withdrawal from Lane Community College for federal financial aid purposes

If you withdraw, you may be required to repay Lane Community College for a portion of your financial aid received. You may also owe outstanding charges to Lane Community College, such as tuition, fees, and bookstore charges. You must pay these charges before you will be eligible to re-enroll at Lane Community College.

Withdrawing has a negative impact on your Satisfactory Academic Progress status, and as a result, you may lose eligibility for future financial aid (including loans). This is because classes that you withdraw from are considered 'attempted' but not 'completed,' and therefore your cumulative completion rate will suffer. Please review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards for more information.

If you withdraw prior to your financial aid disbursement, and you were eligible for a Pell Grant, you may still be eligible for a portion of the grant. The College strongly urges you to visit Financial Aid before you withdraw to discuss potential impacts on your bill and/or financial aid eligibility.

Unofficial Withdrawals:

If you do not earn any credits (all NC's, F's, dropped and/or audited classes), and you cannot prove that you attended beyond the 60% point of the term, it is considered an unofficial withdrawal, and you are subject to the same consequences outlined above. Students who are able to verify attendance beyond the 60% date may submit supporting documentation to Financial Aid. The student must submit supporting documentation within 30 days from the date of the notification of return calculation letter. Recalculations for aid eligibility will not be perforned for documentation received after that date. 

Financial Consequences of Withdrawal:

The Department of Education assumes that students "earn" their financial aid over the course of a term by attending and participating in classes. You cannot "earn" all of your funds unless you attend and/or academically participate for more than 60% of the term. (This calculation counts all calendar days, including the first and last day of each term, weekends and holidays.)

If you withdraw or stop attending before 60% of the term has passed, you do not "earn" all of your financial aid funds. Federal regulations require the college to return the unearned portion of your tuition and fees to the US Department of Education. The college will re-assess the tuition and fees no longer paid by the returned financial aid. YOU MUST PAY THE COLLEGE FOR ANY CHARGES PREVIOUSLY PAID BY FINANCIAL AID.

Any amount of financial aid returned to the Department of Education as a result of a withdrawal will result in a charge on your student account and must be repaid under the conditions set by the College.

  • Late fees are assessed monthly.
  • Your account may be sent to collections for non-payment.
  • Registrations for future classes may be dropped.
  • Ability to register for classes and/or make changes to your schedule may be suspended.
  • Unearned aid must be returned to the Department of Education, even if you have documented extenuating circumstances. There are no exceptions.

The college returns funds to financial aid programs you received in the following order:

  • Federal Direct Stafford Unsubsidized Loan**
  • Federal Direct Stafford Subsidized Loan **
  • Federal Perkins Loan **
  • Direct Parent PLUS Loan **
  • Federal Pell Grant Academic Competitiveness Grant
  • Federal SEOG
  • Other federal financial aid programs (excluding Federal Work Study)

**Federal loans are repaid under the terms and conditions of the promissory note