Repeat Coursework

Award Information - Repeat Coursework

The College allows you to repeat courses; however, Financial Aid regulations prohibit us from funding you to repeat some courses. Be aware that if you repeat courses, the credits may not be included in your enrollment and therefore, will not be funded. If you repeat a course more than one time, the Financial Aid Office must manually review your eligibility to have the course funded. If it is determined that you are eligible to receive financial aid to repeat the course, any additional amounts you are eligible to receive can be delayed 1-2 weeks past your initial disbursement for the term.

As a standard, all courses can be repeated one time with financial aid funding (unless you have been approved on a Credit Limit Extension).

Determining which courses are "repeatable":

Financial Aid may fund courses that the college has approved as "repeatable" as long as the repeat will meet an unfulfilled program requirement of your declared degree program. Note: Additional guidelines apply.

  • Refer to the course description in the College Catalog to determine if the course in question is tagged as a repeatable course, as well as how many times it may be repeated.
  • Refer to the Program of Study in the College Catalog to see if and how the repeat will be applied to your program. 

Additional Guidelines that apply:

  • If a course cannot be repeated for credit toward your degree and you previously earned credit in the course (i.e. you received a D‐ or higher), the repeat can be funded only if it is your next attempt. Any attempts beyond the first repetition of a previously passed course cannot be funded.
  • If you have never earned credit in the course previously (i.e. you received a grade of F, U, NP, NC, I, *, W, Y), the repeat can be funded by financial aid.
  • Withdrawals (*) do not count as repeat attempts.
  • If the college requires you to repeat a course you previously passed simply because you failed another course, the repeat of the course you passed cannot be funded.
  • Even if you did not receive financial aid for the course previously, it is still considered a repeat for financial aid purposes. 

How repeat courses affect Satisfactory Academic Progress:

Repeated coursework that cannot be used to meet an unfulfilled program requirement will be counted as attempted, but will not be counted as earned.  Unapproved repeat coursework will negatively impact your completion rate, even if the repeated course is not funded. 

A Repeat Coursework flow chart is also available on our Forms/Publications page to help guide you in determining if a repeated course will be funded.