Admissions and Enrollment

Beginning the Process - Admissions and Enrollment

To be eligible to receive financial aid you must be admitted to Lane Community College in a credit program and must be working towards a degree or certificate. If you have not attended Lane Community College, or if it has been one year or more since you last attended, you will need to complete or update an admissions application. If you register for courses at Lane and do not have financial aid funding in place, you are responsible for payment. Please see college costs/tuition, and Your College Bill for details regarding costs and payment obligations.

Students who have received their award letter and are enrolled in credit classes will be paid at the level they are enrolled in on the enrollment deadline date. The enrollment deadline date is 12:00 noon on the Tuesday prior to the disbursement date.

Enrollment level:

  • Full Time – 12+ credits
  • ¾ Time – 9-11 credits
  • ½ Time – 6-8 credits
  • Less Than ½ Time – 1-5 credits

It is important to make sure your enrollment is correct. Adjustments to the enrollment level following the enrollment deadline date may be made on an exception basis only.

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