Torch Editor Application

The Editor of the Torch will be appointed by the Media Commission during spring term and will serve fall, winter, and spring terms of the following academic year. The Editor should have journalistic ability, training, and experience. It is preferred that she/he have previous service on a high school, college, or professional newspaper in such capacities as will give her/him an adequate understanding of the operations of a newspaper. The Editor must be capable of organizing and directing a staff and of relating well to other people. The applicant for Editor must have completed at least six LCC credit hours on the main campus within 12 months prior to his/her application for the Torch Editor.

Torch Editor Qualifications:

  • At the time of application for Editor, 2.75 cumulative Grade Point Average is preferred. He/she must maintain a minimum 2.00 GPA each term during his/her editorship. The Editor must enroll in and complete a class of at least three credits at LCC each term during which he/she serves as Editor. If his/her cumulative GPA drops below 2.00, her/his standing as Editor will be reviewed by the Media Commission.
  • The Editor is responsible for selecting other staff members and assigning their duties and has the authority for reorganizing the staff and removing members from staff positions if they are not performing their duties.
  • Under the Dean of the Arts, the Torch Editor is responsible for operating within limitations of the newspaper budget. The Editor is responsible for the formation of an Editorial Board. The Editor shall prepare written standards and policies for publishing material readers submit for publication. The Editor will determine if the materials are suitable for inclusion in the Torch.

Application for 2021/2022 Torch Editor:

The application to be the 2021/2022 Torch editor is closed at this time