VA Education Benefits Certification Information - Chapter 31: VA Vocational Rehabilitation

Veterans Education Benefits Certification Information

Eligibility Requirements and Documents Required - 
Chapter 31: VA Vocational Rehabilitation

Your first step to apply for CH 31 benefits is to visit with the vocational rehabilitation office at 211 E. 7th Ave in downtown Eugene. Their numbers are (541) 242-0492, 93, 94, 95.

If you were discharged from active duty with a service-connected disability, you may apply for Chapter 31 benefits.

VA Form 28-1900 – Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation needs to be completed and sent to:

Vocational Rehabilitation
VA Regional Office
1220 Southwest Third Avenue
Portland, OR 97204

Response time to application may take up to 2 months. VA will set up an appointment with a Voc. Rehab. Specialist to determine eligibility for Chapter 31 and to set up a Rehabilitation Plan.

Lane Community College will advise your Case Manager of your enrollment status and report any grade adjustments at the end of each term. You will always keep your Case Manager informed of any issues that arise (personal or academic), changes in curriculum, etc., or eligibility for Chapter 31 may be canceled.

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