Under 18 Students

Under 18 students

Anyone age 18 or older may enroll with or without a high school diploma. If you are under 18 and you have completed your high school diploma or GED you can enroll as a regularly admitted student. If you are under 18 and wish to take credit classes and have not completed your high school diploma or GED, follow the steps below. It is important that you and your family become familiar with particular responsibilities which apply to you as a student under the age of 18 attending Lane. If you are 16 and older you may enroll in Community Education classes.

To apply as an under 18 student:

Step 1.
Complete the online admission form. You can find this at Steps to Enroll.

Step 2.

Print, sign and submit the Student and Parent/Guardian Consent Form to Enrollment Services to complete your application.
We will place a registration hold on your record until we have received this form. Once received, your records will indicate that you are enrolling at Lane as an under age student until the day you turn 18.

Step 3.

Consult with Counseling and Advising to plan what classes you would like to take and to arrange for any necessary placement tests.

Step 4.

Once registration opens, use myLane to register for classes . Once you have registered for your desired classes, consult with the instructor(s) and inform them that you are under the age of 18. If they indicate that they would prefer not to have a student under 18 in their class, be sure to use myLane to drop your class prior to the stated refund deadlines.

Step 5.

If you plan on using credits earned at Lane to transfer back to your high school or forward to another college or university, be sure to consult with the schools receiving your transcript regarding which credits will transfer.