Non-Refundable Transportation Fee

Non-Refundable Transportation Fee

Students taking credit classes on the main campus, as well as Adult Basic and Secondary Ed/GED or ESL students taking classes at the main campus or DTC pay a $27 per term Transportation fee and qualify for a bus pass.

Bus Pass Information

Why a Transportation Fee?

The Transportation fee provides bus passes at no additional charge for main campus credit students and helps fund parking lot improvements on the main campus and at the outreach centers. ESL students taking classes at main campus or at the Downtown Center are also eligible for term bus passes. Several issues were considered by the Board:

  • The college wanted to offer a reduced price for LTD passes for students.
  • The Transportation Fee will help the college provide parking and security for students and visitors without charging for and maintaining a "sticker" system of assigned parking areas.
  • Ultimately, the college wants to move toward a cleaner environment by decreasing the number of vehicles on campus and getting staff and students to use LTD.