Credit Policy and Titan Store Charging Process

Credit Policy/Titan Store Charging Process

"Deferred Billing" is the name Lane uses for our credit policy and the process that allows you to charge your Titan Store purchases to your student account.

Please note that this policy has recently changed:

To charge books in the Titan Store, you will need a current award letter, or must have received notification from the Lane Community College Financial Aid office that you are ineligible for need-based awards and are now eligible to pursue the Unsubsidized Stafford Loan. This is different than the "Student Aid Report" (SAR) that you receive immediately after completing your FAFSA from the Department of Education. If you have questions about completing your FAFSA, please contact Financial Aid at Lane.

Once Lane has received your FAFSA, and you have completed Lane's award process, you will be permitted to charge up to $500 in the Titan Store during the first week of the term.

It can take several weeks for Lane to complete your award letter from the time you file your FAFSA, so complete it early, and be sure to follow up with the Financial Aid office and your "Student Requirements" in myLane.

As a financial aid recipient, you will be able to begin charging when the Titan Store opens each term through the end of the first week of each term. PLEASE NOTE: Even if you receive financial aid for the term, you still need to check your myLane account balance. It is possible to charge at the Titan Store after your financial aid has been applied to your bill, leaving you with a balance.

When are books available?

In general, the Titan Store opens for each coming term on the Tuesday prior to that term's beginning. All books necessary for classes offered that term should be available.

How to charge at the Titan Store:

  • On the day that you want to charge at the Titan Store, log into myLane, select "Enrollment Services", then select "Registration". Select the "Check Your Bookstore Charging Eligibility" link to verify that you can charge in the Titan Store.
  • Print your student schedule, and take your schedule and a photo ID to the cash register in the Titan Store when you are ready to charge your purchases.

All charges accrued must be paid by the regular billing cycle due date or will be subject to the policies outlined in the Deferred Billing Terms Agreement. As soon you register for any class at Lane, you are expected to have read this agreement.

Deferred Billing Terms is not a financial aid award. Any unused amount will not be returned to you. As a recipient of financial aid you should be aware that if you marked "no" on your Title IV form, financial aid will only pay tuition and class fees and will not pay for Deferred Billing Terms charges to your student account. Financial aid can only pay as much as your awarded amount for the term, and this may or may not be adequate to pay your entire bill, depending on your eligibility. You are responsible for any amount on your account after the refund period, including financial aid.