Program Resources

Program Resources

Early Outreach and Referral provides proactive, individualized support to encourage student success in their coursework and other aspects of college life.

Early Outreach resources and interventions include:

  • Student meetings with the Early Outreach Instructional Specialist to develop success plans
  • Referrals to advising, counseling, financial aid, and other services and resources
  • Assistance with aspects of planning and the college experience that students may have difficulty navigating, as well as tutoring in the subject areas relevant to students’ needs
  • Emails, texts, and phone call follow-ups with students from the Early Outreach Instructional Specialist to help students achieve goals

Early Outreach offers assistance to students who have already run into a problem and early intervention for students in areas where a problem can be anticipated. For example, EOR specialists can help students develop a time management plan before missing assignments stack up, or help prioritize work once things have become overwhelming.

Informed by Early Outreach scholarship, this assistance is proactive, intrusive, targeted, and personalized, four theoretically-sound principles for encouraging academic success. Early Outreach’s focus on the student’s actual performance in college makes it more effective than other predictive models for monitoring at-risk students. Because it takes into account the different contexts of student life when assessing a student’s academic performance, Early Outreach’s system fosters a holistic view of assessment, alert, and outreach that encourages sustainable success plans.

Program Forms and Information Resources

  • Referral Form/Process: Coming Soon (Available Sept. 27 for Fall 2021)
  • Syllabus statement: use one of these statements in course syllabi or other documents that let students know about the program.