Early College

Early College/Expanded Options

Did You Know?

There are deadlines to enrolling at Lane. Complete your Early College Admissions Steps early!

The physical office will be closed until further notice pending further updates. 

Take a College Course while in High School

What is Early College/Expanded Options?

Early College/Expanded Options are career/technical and academic transfer courses not available at your high school. These courses give you a jump start on your college program! 

Are you eligible?

Are you enrolled in high school, a HS GED program, or are homeschooled?
Are you looking for a challenging and fulfilling learning experience?

If you said yes, then you are eligible!

What courses can you take?:

Almost anything! As long as you meet the prerequisites and the class fits your schedule, you can take it! However, due to changes in federal financial aid regulations, it's important to plan your classes carefully. Before you start classes, you'll be required to meet with the HSC advisor - she'll help make sure the classes will work for you.


For assistance from the High School Connections office email hsc-office@lanecc.edu, call 541-463-5203, or contact the HSC Advisor.

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