Lane's Vision for Diversity

Lane's Vision of Diversity is to pursue a social justice effort that is inclusive not exclusive and that identifies "isms" that continue to exist. Diversity is about becoming a higher performing organization, which produces outcomes that serve the needs of a diverse college population.

Diversity is specifically defined in Lane's "Core Values," adopted in 2003 by the Board of Education as part of Lane's Strategic Plan to:

  • Welcome, value and promote diversity among staff, students and our community
  • Cultivate a respectful, inclusive and accessible working and learning environment
  • Work effectively in different cultural contexts to serve the educational and linguistic needs of a diverse community
  • Develop capacity to understand issues of difference, power and privilege

Lane's diversity work is defined experientially by action, continuing support of best practices for diversity initiatives that maintain a strong commitment to equal employment and educational opportunity in all activities, programs and services. Our numerous available Diversity Resources support our work and Lane's vision of "Transforming Lives through Learning."