CAR Presentations

CAR Presentations

Presentation at Campus Partners Sharing Session; CAR Overview

Transition from High School to College 

Differences Between K-12 and College

Learn about some fundamental differences between the high school setting, and the college setting. 

Disability Verification

Learn about what the college will need when it comes to disability verification documentation. 

Types of Accommodations

Learn about the different types of accommodations you may experience in college.

Faculty Trainings

Center for Accessible Resources Overview 

Learn about:

-CAR procedures
-Faculty/staff’s role
-Students role
-Resources and Strategies shared with students

Presented at Fall 2019 In service

Consideration of Modified Attendance/Assignment Due Dates Round Table

View this presentation to get more information regarding the Consideration of Modified Attendance/Assignment Due Dates presentation. Presented at the Fall 2018 In-Service.

Disability as an Act of Campus Diversity

In this presentation we will explore the concept of disability as a form of diversity. We will discuss the benefits of framing disability in the context of diversity and how this view of disability strengthens the campus community as a whole. This presentation will provide strategies for promoting disability as a form of campus diversity in the classroom and campus-wide. Presented at the Fall 2018 In-Service.

Accommodations Workshop

This presentation provides information about the different types of assistive technology CAR offers. Presented at the Fall 2018 In-Service.

Disabilities 101

Did you know that at any time 9-11% of college students have a disability? This may leave you wondering how to best support these students in your classes. View this presentation where CAR will explore specific types of disabilities, and provide you with information on ways to ensure that all students in your class are learning to the best of their ability. Presented at the Fall 2018 In-Service.

Modified Attendance and Assignments

Considerations for Modified Attendance and Course Assignment Due Dates

Learn about:

  • OCR complaints/resolutions
  • Attendance modifications
  • Determining appropriate modification requests

When You Don't Know What to Do

CAR Guidebook

Learn about:

  • CAR’s process
  • Explore resources
  • Strategies for faculty
  • Suggesting CAR to students

Unlimited Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Occupational Opportunities

Learn about:

  • Summarizing legislative context
  • Connecting legislative context with academic inclusivity
  • General barriers faced by people with disabilities
  • Employing universal design for learning strategies

Classroom Accommodations: Requirements and Recommendations

Classroom Accommodations

Learn about:

  • Qualified students with a disability
  • Disability types & major life activities
  • Listing accommodations & auxiliary aids
  • Determining required accommodations
  • CAR recommendations

Universal Design

Learn about:

  • What Universal Design (UD) means
  • Principals of UD
  • The advantages of UD
  • Examples of UD

Promoting Inclusion and Access for Persons with Disabilities

Learn about:

  • Accommodations
  • Assistive technology
  • Play with accessible technology
  • And tour some CAR spaces

Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) 101

Learn about:

  • Accommodations
  • CAR procedures
  • Faculty/staff’s role
  • What CAR offers
  • And take a CAR Department tour

Past Events

National disability history exhibit posterDisability History Exhibit

The Disability History Exhibit will be at CAR from March 20th to March 30th. The exhibit traces 3000 years of seldom-told history, featuring a timeline of society’s attitudes towards disabilities and how those attitudes affect the lives of people with disabilities.

Come to the CAR office to view this exhibit!

March 20th - March 30th
Bldg. 19, Room. 265

coffee with CAR posterCoffee with CAR

Come join CAR for coffee and refreshments! Learn about CAR, tour the new testing center, and give us your feedback on how CAR can make testing easier for instructors!

Friday, October 13th
10:00-11:00 am
Building 19, room 266

ADA 504 compliance committee meeting posterLane’s ADA 504 Compliance Committee Meeting

The ADA 504 Compliance Committee will be meeting on Friday, Oct 27th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in Building 1 room 224.

Any interested students and faculty are invited to attend this meeting to share ideas and concerns, or to learn more about accessibility issues at Lane community College.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month posterNational Disability Employment Awareness Month

CAR has several events and lectures this month for National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM).


Disability History Exhibit posterDisability History Exhibit

Join us at CAR to see our Disability History exhibit, and help yourself to a cookie and/or a free stress ball!

October 23rd – October 31st
Building 19, room 263


CAR Open House posterCAR Open House

Come visit CAR’s new office at our Open House!

October 24th 2:00-3:00
Building 19, room 265


NDEAM Lectures posterNDEAM Lectures

Developing Skills for Employment
Tuesday, October 24th 1-2pm
Building 19, room 263B
Oregon Employment First
Wednesday, October 25th 1-2pm
Building 19, room 263B