ADA and 504 Compliance Committee

ADA/504 Compliance Committee


Create an inclusive, accessible environment at Lane Community College.  Plan and monitor the institution's overall compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and other legal directives. 

Reports to: LCC President 

Facilitator(s):  Mary Jeanne Kuhar


ADA/504 Compliance Officer for Students, ADA Compliance Officer for Employees and Community, HR's Employee Accommodations Manager, Facilities Management Planning Director, Center for Accessible Resources Coordinator, Public Safety Director, Faculty representative, 2 student representatives (one appointed by ASLCC, one appointed by Center for Accessible Resources), Health and Safety Specialist, Information Technology Representative, Center for Accessible Resources core staff, Executive Dean of Student Affairs.

When Members Are Selected:

By position and when vacancies occur. 

Length of Membership: Indefinite 

Roles/Duties of Committee Members:

Review, research, conduct surveys, and develop improvements in Lane's accessibility.  Respond to public inquiries and provide education and resources related to access issues on all of Lane's campuses. Collaborate with other groups as appropriate.  Conduct committee meetings that are open to the public twice per year.

Meeting Times/Length of Meetings:

Meetings are typically held Winter and Spring terms for 2 hour time blocks, and are open to the public.  Meetings will only be held when both ADA/504 Compliance Officers can attend.

Membership List

Dawn Barth
Emergency & Risk Management Coordinator
phone: (541) 463-5503

Renee Bathke
Project Coordinator, Center for Accessible Resources
phone: (541) 463-5662

Rachel Bell
Student Representative

McKalie Bellew
Student Representative

Dennis Carr
Chief Human Resources Officer, and ADA Compliance Officer for Employees and Community
phone: (541) 463-5585

Sharon Daniel
Human Resources Benefits/Employee Labor Relations Manager
phone: (541) 463-5190

Ezra Gabbert 
Student Representative

Noah Giddens
Student Representative

Mary Jeanne Kuhar
Executive Dean, Career and Technical Education, and ADA/504 Compliance Officer for Students
phone: (541) 463-5315

Kerry Levett
Executive Dean of Student Affairs, Administration
phone: (541) 463-5725

Terrie Minner
Associate Dean of Accessibility and Support, Center for Accessible Resources
phone: (541) 463-5150

Derek Nelson
Assistive Technology Technician, IT Department
phone: (541) 463-3357

Mark Richardson
Maintenance Trades Coordinator, FMP
phone: (541) 463-3456

Jace Rohacik
Student Representative

Jace Smith
Manager, Public Safety
phone: (541) 463-5561

Jonathan Smith
Student Representative

Todd Smith
Interim Facilities Management Director, FMP
phone: (541) 463-5566

Meeting Notes