Cottage Grove GED and ABSE


Adult Basic Skills Development and GED

You're ready to get your GED. That's great! This is your road to college and job training. Did you know that in order to qualify for credit classes and be eligible for financial aid, you must have a GED or high school diploma?

We can help you pass the GED tests by providing study courses and guidance. GED preparation students have the opportunity to take official GED practice tests for a small fee. Practice tests predict GED scores.

Classes held Fall, Winter and Spring terms

You can enter into the Cottage Grove GED program up to the 9th week of the term. GED placement testing is held the first day of the term and Tuesdays at 12pm. To begin you just need to have turned in the Admissions form and if under 18, a release from your last school. 

Classes at the Cottage Grove Center are Tue-Thur 9:30-12:00
For more information call 541-463-4202

Or visit our GED Preparation page.

Adult Basic and Secondary Education

Nationwide, hundreds of thousands earn their GED Each Year!

A GED is equivalent to a high school diploma. LCC at Cottage Grove continues to offer GED preparation.

GED (General Education Development)
The GED tests give those who did not graduate from high school the opportunity to earn a high school equivalency certificate. Recognized nationwide by employers and educators, the GED certificate has increased education and employment opportunities for millions of adults since 1942.

LaneCC's GED program prepares students to pass the GED exams. Practice testing is provided to determine readiness and to assess particular areas of needed improvement. Graduates of the GED preparation program are honored at the annual college graduation ceremony and are eligible to apply for scholarships.

Scholarships and Tuition Waivers

GED Testing Scholarships
Limited funds are available to assist students with testing fees. Contact the ABSE Office at 541-463-5214 for more information and to obtain an application form.

Tuition Waiver
Graduates of our GED preparation classes are eligible to apply for a 6-credit tuition waiver.
Check out our College Preparation page for more information.