Scholarship Research

Scholarship Research Websites

Scholarship Research Quick Reference Guide
A printable, quick reference guide to finding and applying for scholarships. 

Scholarships by Oregon College
A list of Oregon colleges for you to explore scholarship opportunities at the college(s) you are interested in.

Lane Community College Foundation
The LCC Foundation coordinates scholarships for new and continuing Lane students. Access their website for instructions for the online application process. Annual deadline is in March.

Scholarships for People with Disabilities
Lane's Center for Accessible Resources has a substantial list of scholarships for people with disabilities. Visit the link to review them.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation         
The Jack Kent Cooke scholarship program is the largest in the country.The undergraduate scholarship allows 85 top students to transfer to their "dream" college, awarding each recipient up to $40,000 per year. Are you a high achiever with ambitions to go to a top university? Apply for this scholarship. The application opens in August 2020 and closes in January 2021. Students, regardless of their residency status, are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Scholarship (WIOA)

The WIOA Scholarship is reimbursement for school, up to $4,500 with possible support funds. It is for Lane County, OR residents in approved trainings that will finish within one year of scholarship award and who plan to go directly to work in their field upon program completion. Applications can be requested starting October 5, 2020 and the final day to request is November 9, 2020. Completed applications must be submitted by November 16, 2020. WIOA Scholarships are competitive and based on funds available.

Scholarship Scams
Be wary of "scholarship scams" and organizations that require a fee for searches. Students and parents are annually defrauded by scholarship scams. Find out more information about "scams".

More Scholarship Websites...

The following websites have search engines that will help you find scholarships. You choose one or more you like and enter your relevant information. The more information you enter, the more scholarships the search engines can find. Review the websites to see which you like. Incight provides information for people with disabilities. Maldef provides information for people of Hispanic origin.