Hiring a Co-op Student

Hire an LCC Intern

Co-op, simple process, simple forms!

  • Call the Cooperative Education Division office at (541) 463-5203
  • Describe the position you would like to offer a co-op student
  • You will be connected with the Co-op Coordinator who is knowledgeable in your field
  • You and the Co-op Coordinator will jointly establish a process for referring to your qualified students

Once you have selected a student, you'll sign an agreement form which is also signed by the student and a cooperative education coordinator. This agreement documents:

  • Your willingness to provide a work experience to the student
  • The student's willingness to be placed in your organization
  • The college's support of the placement as an educational activity for the student and allows the college to provide workers compensation insurance for non-paid students

At the end of each work term, you will be provided with an evaluation form for each student. Your evaluation of the student will be used to help determine the student's grade.

The Co-op employer's role is to:

  • Develop job description and specific job qualifications
  • For paid positions, determine the hourly wage level
  • Interview students prior to placement
  • Supervise student work and provide guidance and instruction
  • Treat students as any other employee based on mutual expectations of standards and company policies
  • Help students accomplish their learning objectives
  • Meet with student's coordinator during the term to assess student's progress and complete a formal evaluation of student's work at end of each term (used to help determine student's grade)

Co-op job-related concerns and personnel issues should first be discussed by the co-op student and co-op employer. The Co-op Coordinator can also help work through issues if additional assistance seems appropriate.

Contact the Co-op Coordinator for internships in your field.