Employer Info - Coordinator's Role

Coordinator's Role - Employer Information

Co-op Coordinator... Lane's representative connecting you with the business community.

Lane's Cooperative Education Coordinators work continuously with employers to promote student learning and career-specific skill development.

Your Co-op Coordinator:

  • Helps match you with an appropriate, career-related job site
  • Works with you to develop measurable learning objectives for your specific educational needs throughout the Co-op placement
  • Assists with completion of Cooperative Education Agreement form
  • Determines the number of Co-op credits to be received for the work term, usually a minimum of 3 credits (36 work hours = 1 Co-op credit)
  • Provides job search assistance including resume, cover letter and interviewing techniques
  • Visits with you and your employer to assess your work progress and to identify additional job site learning opportunities
  • Assigns appropriate grade for your Co-op experience, utilizing your employer's evaluation of your work skills and professional development
  • Maintains relations with your employer