ODE Communicable Disease Control Measures – Guidelines for Exclusion

Students should be excluded from school if they exhibit:

  • Fever greater than 100.5
  • Vomiting
  • Stiff neck or headache with fever
  • Any rash with or without fever
  • Unusual behavior change, such as irritability, lethargy, or somnolence
  • Jaundice (yellow color or skin or eyes)
  • Diarrhea (3 watery or loose stools in one day with or without fever)
  • Skin lesions that are "weepy" (fluid or pus-filled)
  • Colored drainage from eyes or ears
  • Brown/green drainage from nose with fever or complaints of illness
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath; serious, sustained cough
  • Symptoms or complaints that prevent the student from participating in his/her usual school activities, such as persistent cough, with or without presence of fever, or
  • Student requires more care that the school staff can safely provide.

Only a licensed health care provider can determine a diagnosis and / or prescribe treatment and provide instructions regarding the student's return to school. Students needing exclusion due to illness should be separated from other students while waiting for transportation from school setting. The school nurse or local county health department should always be consulted regarding ant written communication that may be developed to notify parents about disease outbreaks, risks to students, families, and staff and/or control measures specific to the outbreak.

CCD Regulations Sections 414-205-0100 Health Section rules 4, 5, 6

Child Care Division rules for children in care.
Students should be excluded from school if they exhibit:

(4) Except for mild cold symptoms that do not impair a child's function, children who are ill shall not be in care.

(5) If a child becomes ill in child care, the provider must separate the child from other children, to the extent possible, and contact the child's parent(s) to remove the child from care as soon as possible.

(6) Parents must be notified if their child is exposed to a communicable disease.

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