Student Accounts-Collection Accounts Information

Student Accounts

Collection Accounts Information

Your tuition and fees for each term are due the 15th of the first month of that term. There is a 2% late fee assessed on the next business day, and billing is then monthly, with an additional 2% late fee after the 15th of each month. If your account goes over 90 days, Lane will mail a final notice to your last known address. 

If your account goes over 120 days, which is after the end of the term, your account will be referred to one of the collection agencies listed below. See the Lane Community College Deferred Billing Terms Agreement, and will report the status of the account to a credit reporting agency.

If the account is placed in the hands of a collection agency, you will no longer be able to pay your account at Lane directly or on myLane, but will need to pay the collection agency, and the following additional consequences will occur:

  • Additional collection costs will be added to the account.
  • Official transcripts and certificates will be held.
  • Registration for any future terms will be blocked.

If you know the collection agency your account has been assigned to, please select from the list below (if you are unsure, please contact Enrollment Services or check on myLane):

Southern Oregon Credit Service (SVCS)
Phone: (800) 283-0222

Account Control Technology (ACT)
Phone: (888) 830-7770 and then 0 for operator

Asset Recovery Group (ARG)
Phone: (800) 458-6368

Enterprise Recovery Systems (ERS)
Phone: (800) 377-1904

General Revenue Corporation (GRC)
Phone: (800) 234-6258

Oregon Department of Revenue (ODR)
Phone: ODR (877) 222-2346 in state
ODR (503) 945-8199 out of state

Williams & Fudge (wfcorp)
Phone: (800) 849-9791

Windham Professionals
Phone: (800) 208-5076

Coast Professional
Phone: (888) 815-2843

Todd, Bremer & Lawson, Inc.
Phone: (855) 219-5566

Once you have paid your account in full to the collection agency, it can take 3 to 8 weeks to release your account at Lane and allow access to your transcripts and registration. This is because Lane must wait until the payment is received from the collection agency and disbursed to your account, and we cannot simply accept a confirmation that it has been paid. There is no way to speed up this process.

If it has been more than eight weeks since you have paid your account in full and you have not had your transcripts or registration released, please contact the Student Accounts office at

If you have an account in collections and want to appeal the charges due to medical or emergency reasons, you will need to complete and submit a Refund Request form and attach copies of relevant documentation. Please write "Collections" on the top of the form before submitting.