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University of Oregon Overview

The U of O's Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees. With careful planning, students can take two years of coursework at Lane which will transfer to the U of O. It is important that students speak with an advisor for more information about this option. The following information applies to Lane students who plan to transfer to the University of Oregon to major in Computer and Information Science. Students interested in this or any other Lane CIT program should speak with a counselor or advisor for specific requirements and other important information.

The CIS Department at U of O also offers a CIS minor program and CIT minor program for students who major in another field. Students who want to minor in CIS or CIT should contact the CIS Department for more information about specific minor requirements.

Transfer students from two-year colleges should attempt to complete as many of the general education requirements as possible before they transfer to the University. Transfer courses can satisfy requirements in:

  1. U of O General Education Requirements. 
    These include English Composition and courses in Arts and Letters and Social Science. They are described in the "General Education Requirements" handout available from the Lane Counseling and Advising Center CIS-required mathematics (graded basis) and science courses.*
  2. Introductory CIS courses (graded basis)*

* Please see U of O's Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) website for Undergraduate CIS major information.