Parent Testimonials


What are the parents saying?

children running on track during fieldtrip

"I never feel guilty leaving my child at school, I know he is safe and loved here."

"The Lane Child and Family Center has been wonderful me and my child. They are great with my 3 year old. She is always coming home knowing something new. Last year my daughter was having a hard time adjusting to school. Her teacher made her a book that was all about her going to school it has picture of her and her friends. It really made all the difference for our transition. She loves going to school now and asks me everyday when she gets to go to school. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They are all ways willing to talk to parents about any concerns that they are having. The Reggio inspired curriculum gives the children the chance to decide what they want to learn about and to interact with natural materials such as wood, sand, water, seeds, and many other materials. It is a very child centered place." -Hope

"The Preschool here is one of the best gifts I have ever received. The teachers helped me work on separation and I felt comfortable taking my child to school."child and ece student at activity table

"I have a 4 year old daughter who is going to preschool here at Lane Child and Family center. She absolutely loves coming to school every day and even asks me on the weekends if she can go, which has been a huge stress reliever for me, to know that she is happy. The staff and teachers are very friendly and helpful. If you have questions, they will happily answer your questions to the best of their knowledge. The curriculum style is Reggio inspired, which is hands on type of learning, and my daughters social skills and learning has improved tremendously since bringing her to the center." -Monica

two children sitting and drawing together"My Son enjoys it very much. I couldn't have gotten my degree without them." -Brad

"I have never received the level of support for my blended family anywhere else. Everyday I drop off, we are welcomed warmly and treated individually with TLC. Every evening when I pick up, I am giving a specific answer to the question "How was her day?" My previous experience was very superficial and I never was given so much information about how my child did throughout the day. The teachers are amazing and they have a very professional and friendly way of helping you with an array of issues we face as student parents. The classrooms are diverse and culturally competent and the staff as a whole, take very seriously, the quality of their facilities, curriculum, food, schedules, etc. We have grown into a more secure family who can handle life's ups and downs with more grace because this program has worked to develop a community that teaches not only the children but the parents and teachers too. No where else on campus will you find such a program. They are committed to the highest quality care possible and it shows everyday when we are treated like VIP when we walk in the door. Thank you Lane Child and Family Center!" -Ashley

"My daughter loves her school!"

"The Teachers are great, my son loves it there and has come a long way with speech and socializing since he has been there. I highly recommend them to others." -Cynthia