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Important Announcement: Spark Academy Summer Youth Programming has been suspended for 2020

Spark Academy Summer Youth Programming has been suspended for 2020. 

This was a very, very difficult decision for Continuing Education to make. We care very much about providing youth with high quality, educational enrichment opportunities, and we know that our Spark alumni in particular will be disappointed by this news. Please accept our heartfelt apologies for any disruption that this may cause you, our customer-families. We will be sending updates to our email newsletter recipients, which will include online educational opportunities we hear about through our affiliates and other youth organizations.

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Sincerely, Continuing Education Staff.

Registration is closed at this time, Spark Academy Summer Youth Programming has been suspended for 2020

Founded in 2016, LCC Spark Academy offers summer day camps and some school-year offerings in various S.T.E.A.M. topics such as coding, applied design, engineering and physics, gamemaking, and “maker” activities like robot building and internet-connected gadget-making. Spark Academy focuses on more than just digital skills, we also strive to develop skills in collaboration, communication, creative thinking, and problem-solving. Our programming is designed for children ages 8-11 and 12-15 years old.

Spark Academy has grown into a very popular summer offering, especially among kids who don’t get excited about sports or nature camps, but thrive on using their noodles. Simply put, we cover subjects and engage in hands-on activities that you just won’t find elsewhere. plus, our camps are specifically designed to challenge kids to think and be their best. No summer break “mush” brain!

Our camps are held at Lane Community College’s Mary Spilde Center. Each camp is four days long, Monday through Thursday, and begins at 9am. Campers have two breaks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, in addition to a half hour lunch around noon. Lunch is not provided. We finish the day at 3:30pm.

Partial Assistance (scholarship) Awards are available for kids from lower-income families. Please contact us to request an application, contact info below.

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Spark Academy 2020 Summer Camps Have Been Cancelled

Registration for Summer 2020 Spark Academy is closed at this time. All camps run from Monday-Thursday, 9am-3pm, and are held at LCC’s Mary Spilde Center in downtown Eugene.


Camps for Ages 8-11


Cancelled for 2020

Cyber Detectives! Can you crack the case? Challenge yourself to solve mysteries as a cyber detective! Find out how information moves over the internet, and decode secret cipher messages from a spy! Next, protect your team from internet scams and investigate the digital footprint left behind by online robbers. Figure out what’s true and what’s fake, and separate fact from opinion (it’s harder than you think!). You’ll work with your teammates to make your website as secure as possible, and then you’ll learn about the foundations of coding and code your own “dance party!”

Cancelled for 2020

Project Planet Earth: Earth Science and Environmental Engineering

How can environmental engineering help solve humankind’s greatest challenges? We’ll explore the engineering design process through hands-on activities, including building the strongest sand castles, measuring “snow,” making a 3D water catchment system, and building paper boats powered by only surface tension. Before we can engineer, we have to understand the science of earth’s many ecological systems. Are you ready?

Cancelled for 2020

The Lost Bots of Tinkering Island

Just a castaway, a robot lost at sea. An island of scrap metal and spare parts--the making of a maker space. The seeds of civilization require buildings, bridges, communication towers, and entertainment centers. Only those who master “tinker and create” will survive and thrive on Tinkering Island!

Cancelled for 2020

Experience Energy: Tesla’s Alternate Circuitry

Join us as we learn the principles of electricity, circuitry and superconducting while fabricating an alternate reality. We’ll use a potato to conduct energy, and build an aerometer. Plus, we’ll learn about the War of the Currents, when Edison and Tesla battled over direct and alternating electricity. Edison’s invention won out, but we are now realizing the full potential and possibility of A/C power. Imagine how the world could be different if WiFi had existed in 1885?

All 4 weeks

New in 2020! Spark Bundle of 4 for Ages 8-11

Save some money by sending your 8-11 year-old child to all 4 weeks of camps in their age bracket, described above. Save $120 or 10 percent by choosing this option. Partial refunds are not available for the Bundle of Four.


Camps for Ages 12-15


Cancelled for 2020

The Design Process: Coding Apps and Creating Products for the Greater Good:

How can you apply your STEAM skills as tools to solve real-life problems? Through a series of challenges, you will learn the design process, starting with thinking about others while developing a solution to a problem. You and your team will then identify a problem you care about and design an app to solve that problem. You will also build a model of an “electronic” brain and gather and analyze data to help design a helmet prototype that can help prevent brain injuries.

Cancelled for 2020 Creating and Managing a Website

Create and share digital content on your own webpage! First, we’ll talk about what the internet is, and how we want to use it to express ourselves creatively. Next, we’ll start programming our website using HTML, CSS and other kinds of coding, and how to source appropriate images and honor intellectual property and usage rights. We’ll also look at digital citizenry, the impact of sharing information on the internet, and how to be conscious, critical thinking consumers of digital information. By the end of the week, you’ll present a fully functioning website, and will have learned some coding, animation, and graphic design principles!

Cancelled for 2020

Creating Interactive Animations, Games, and a Robotic Hand

Create programmatic images, animations, interactive art, and games. You’ll start off with simple, primitive shapes and build up to more sophisticated sprite-based games. Next, combine these simpler shapes to create more complex programs. In the final project, you’ll develop a personalized, interactive program. For the tinkering segment of the camp, we will construct a robotic hand.

Cancelled for 2020

Space Data and Sci-Fi Physics

How do computers “see” color? Using real photographic and temperature data gathered by astronauts on the International Space Station, you will learn how the hexadecimal numbering system works and use it to analyze space data to monitor changes in Earth’s seven biomes. Next, explore machine learning and artificial intelligence modules. For our hands-on activities, we’ll explore the theoretical mechanics behind a light saber, demonstrate how gravity will assist Mars exploration, and calculate the force needed to lift a boulder. So. Much. Fun.

All 4 weeks

New in 2020! Spark Bundle of 4 for Ages 12-15

Save some money by sending your 12-15 year-old child to all 4 weeks of camps in their age bracket, described above. Save $120 or 10 percent by choosing this option. Partial refunds are not available for the Bundle of Four.