College Board Policies

Board Policies

Policy Title Policy Number
Accreditation BP010
Assessment BP015
Credit Hour BP020
Curriculum Development BP025
Educational Programs – Global Directions BP030
Academic Program Review BP035
Instructor Selection and Development BP040
Policy Title Policy Number
Facilities – Global Directions BP105
Integrated Pest Management BP110
Budget and Finance
Policy Title Policy Number
Asset Protection BP205
Board Duties and Responsibilities: Budget Making BP210
Budget Officer BP215
Budget Preparation and Adoption BP220
Budgeting of Non-Recurring Resources BP225
Capital Reserve Funds BP230
Debt Issuance and Management BP235
Definition Of a Balanced Budget BP240
Ending Fund Balance BP245
Financial Integrity BP250
Financial Condition and Activities BP255
Financial Planning and Budgeting BP260
Financial Reporting BP265
General Fund Contingency BP270
Interfund Loans BP275
Interfund Transfers BP280
Purchasing Procedure BP285
Stabilization Reserve Fund BP290
Unappropriated Ending Fund Balance BP295
Governance and Executive Directions
Policy Title Policy Number
Agenda Planning BP305
Board Committee Principles BP310
Board Duties and Responsibilities: Appraisal and Evaluation of Operation BP311
Board Job Description BP312
Board Member Code of Conduct BP313
Board Vacancies BP314
Borrowing BP315
Chairperson's Role BP320
College Governance System BP325
Communication and Support to the Board BP330
Community Outreach BP335
Contractual Authority BP340
Delegation to the President BP345
Emergency Presidential Succession BP350
Global Board-President Relationship BP355
Global Executive Directions BP356
Global Governance Commitment BP357
Governing Style BP360
Meetings and Executive Sessions BP365
Membership on the Board of Education BP370
New Board Member Orientation BP375
Officers of the Board of Education BP380
Parliamentary Procedure BP385
Health and Safety
Policy Title Policy Number
Health, Safety, and Safe Work Environment BP405
Possession of Firearms BP410
Sexual Assault BP415
Use of Intoxicants and Controlled Substances BP420
Use of Tobacco BP425
Human Resources
Policy Title Policy Number
Affirmative Action BP505
Board Duties and Responsibilities: Personnel BP510
Compensation and Benefits BP515
Cultural Competency BP520
Employment of Family Members BP525
Human Resources - Global Direction BP530
Equality of Opportunity BP535
Monitoring President's Performance BP540
Personnel Services BP545
Recruitment BP550
Treatment of Staff BP555
Institutional Integrity
Policy Title Policy Number
Advertising BP605
Conflict of Interest BP610
Consensual Relationships BP615
Freedom of Inquiry and Expression BP620
Gambling BP625
Harassment BP630
Institutional Integrity - Global Directions BP635
Policies and Procedures BP640
Security of Personal Information BP645
Protection of Immigrant Students BP650
Policy Title Policy Number
Admissions for Credit Students BP705
Expanded Options Program BP710
Mandatory Student Activity Fees BP715
Student Services - Global Directions BP720
Tuition BP725
Tuition Waiver for Dependents of Fallen or Disabled Service Members BP730
Policy Title Policy Number
Technology - Global Directions BP805