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What Our Graduates Have to Say

Woman sitting in plane cockpit

"My high school counselor laughed when I said I wanted to be a pilot, but you won't get that reaction at Lane Community College. Lane's instructors and modern fleet of aircraft will get you to where you want to go in your aviation career."

Karen Berhneim Cardin
First Officer
Morris Air

Man and woman standing in front of a plane

"If you want to be a professional pilot, Lane Community College has an outstanding staff and curriculum that will prepare you for the demands of an aviation career with the training required to be successful in the airline industry."

Laurie & Jay Wilde
First Officers
American Airlines

Woman standing in front of a plane

"While I was here at Flight Tech I knew that the people were interested in helping me prepare for my entire career, not just for my two years as a student. Everyone wanted me to succeed - not just to finish the program.

In school and in the professional world I realize that it is the relationships that are important. People succeed, and people support the organization because of support from other people."

Alison Salerno Donway
Assistant Chief Pilot
Horizon Airlines

Man standing in front of a plane

"The Flight Technology program at Lane Community College provided me with the tools and career guidance to achieve my dreams. The instructors at Lane treated me as a professional and brought out the best of my capabilities. The proof is in the picture. Check out my smile and my stripes."

Pat Holbert
Horizon Air Lines

Two men standing in front of a plane

"I was eighteen and a half when I got off the plane from Hawaii. It was like a foreign country. Lane Flight Technology Started my career in a very professional way."

Keith Sylvester (left above) Captain, Hawaiian Airlines

"This program has launched hundreds of careers. Both Keith and I enjoyed our training here and have never forgotten it. I decided to jumpseat as Keith flew us to PDX and we drove down to visit."

Craig Yamashiro (right)
Captain, Hawaiian Airlines

Man standing in front of a plane

"Lane's Flight Technology program gave me the skills and proficiency level required to succeed as a professional pilot. It's the ideal place to get started on an enjoyable and rewarding career in aviation."

David Soha
Commercial Pilot
Empire Airlines
(Federal Express affiliate)