Dean's Welcome

Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the Arts Division in the School of Arts and Sciences, where creativity and innovation thrive. 

Art is not a thing you just learn, art is a thing you do. You explore and discover and wrestle and struggle and achieve and move and discover and laugh and cry. Whether in the performing arts, visual arts or applied arts, our courses offer an opportunity to metaphorically travel across centuries and continents, connect to a discipline, and find out more about yourself.

Everyone is creative. Creative ability is not a thing one has or does not have. Creative thinking is learning one new thing at a time and applying that information over time. No one made a rocket ship: someone created internal combustion, someone created aluminum, someone created rivets, someone created guidance systems, someone created vector mathematics, and eventually you have a rocket. One step at a time. Everyone has creative ability. It started the first time the first artist broke a rock and discovered a hand ax. It continues today in an unbroken circle.

I invite you to delve into the creative process; in dance, music, theater, studio art, applied art. Or discover the breadth and scope of creativity in a history of the arts class.

Aa a student in the Division of the Arts you will experience the history and importance of the arts in human culture, and also explore individual exploration of process and content, self-expression and self-awareness; ultimately making use of the creative process to enrich the quality of life, now and into the future.

I believe you will be richly rewarded for this investment in yourself and what it means to be human.

Ellen Osterkamp
Interim Dean, Arts Division

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