The First Art-o-mat in Oregon is here!

Oregon's first Art-o-mat, a retired cigarette machine converted to vend art, is now located at Lane's Art Gallery, in building 11 on the main campus. The gallery will host the machine for an indefinite period of time, and the machine will also make special appearances around the county during the summer months.

The Art-o-mat project was created by artist Clark Whittington from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. There are 80 Art-o-mats in use throughout the country, featuring the works of more than 400 artists. The Oregon Art-o-mat will have one slot dedicated to the work of Lane Community College students; the rest of the slots will dispense artwork by artists from around the country. The pocket-sized artworks range from small paintings, sculptures, poems or any number of concept-driven art pieces. All artworks cost five dollars.

>> Art-O-Mat website

For more information, contact the Art Department at (541) 463-5409.