Lane Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors are available to help you plan your educational program and select classes to meet your goals. Advising is available via email, Zoom appointments, and phone. Alternately, you can email the Advising Department (preferred) or call the Academic Advising Center: 541-463-3800. For academic advising at Florence, contact Florence directly.

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Program of Study/Career Community


Arts and Communications Judy Gates
Daniela Cardenas-Riumallo
Business and Office Professionals Lori Areford
Josh Baker
Computer Science and Info Technology Deidre Lyons
Ted Calcaterra
Culinary, Hospitality, and Tourism Lori Areford
Josh Baker
Health, Medical, and Fitness Allene Gibson
Kelly Ochoco
Industrial Trades, Technologies, Transportation, and Apprenticeship Claudia Riumallo
Science, Natural Resources, Math, and Engineering Deidre Lyons
Ted Calcaterra
Social Sciences, Social Services, and Education Andi Graham
Ben Fisher


International Program:

Undeclared: Email the Advising Department or call 541-463-3800

photo of Academic Advisors

Back row (left to right): Josh Baker, Deidre Lyons, Lori Areford, Andi Graham, Ben Fisher, Jared Miracle, Allene Gibson, Claudia Riumallo. Front row (left to right): Kelly Ochoco, Judy Gates.