Accreditation Process

The Accreditation Process

Overview of Lane's Institutional Accreditation Process

The accreditation process includes a comprehensive self-study and evaluation to determine how we meet our mission and serve our students. Maintaining accreditation through the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) ( requires Lane to participate in a seven-year continuous-improvement cycle including submitting reports and hosting evaluators during site visits.

Summary of Current Activities

Where are we now? 

During 2020/21, we gathered data, evidence and narrative information for our Year 7 Evaluation of Institutional Effectiveness (EIE), which was submitted August 2021. The Policies, Regulations and Financial Review Report (PRFR) was submitted September 2020. The EIE focuses on Standard 1 while the PRFR focuses on Standard 2. To view the reports, please see the Reports page.

Here's a high-level timeline of the process.

Accreditation Survey Results Fall 2020

What's next?

Our next step is to prepare for the site visit on October 25-27, 2021. The NWCCU Evaluation Team will visit virtually, speak to many members of the campus community, host open forums, and read the reports submitted. The purpose of this process is to conduct a comprehensive self-evaluation and determine Lane’s compliance with the Eligibility Requirements, Standards, NWCCU Policies, and federal regulations, then make recommendations for improvements. The major contents of the EIE include:

  • Review of institutional accreditation history, & institutional overview
  • Basic institutional data
  • Standard 1, address all elements
  • Outstanding recommendations & responses to topics previously requested (assessment of student learning; program review)
  • Eligibility Requirements with direct relevance to a topic under discussion
  • NWCCU Policies as they relate to institutional context
  • Issues raised during year 6 evaluation

Want to get involved?

Future opportunities to get involved will be announced as they arise. Subject matter experts will be contacted. If you want to join the Accreditation Communication Team, contact us.  

What are the outcomes of the process?

The self-study process allows us to take a comprehensive look at where we excel and how we can improve student learning, student achievement and institutional effectiveness. After the self-study, we create reports for NWCCU and host NWCCU evaluators during a site visit. NWCCU can issue compliments, commendations, concerns and recommendations. We use that information to improve.