Kodjovi Amedjrovi

Aviation Maintenance graduate on how LCC helped him achieve his dreams
Kodjovi Amedjrovi wearing a graduation cap and gown with USA and Togo flags

For future students, I think the Aviation Maintenance program will be a fantastic adventure.

As a child, Kodjovi Amedjrovi would look up at airplanes as they flew by and tell his mother, “I’m going to work on those someday.” Today, he’s working on jets for SkyWest in one of the world’s busiest airports, O’Hare International in Chicago.

Kodjovi’s journey began in his high school English club where he won a scholarship to an American college through the US Embassy. After doing research, he chose Lane’s Aviation Academy, which balanced quality with affordability.

Coming from warm Togo, Kodjovi’s biggest adjustment to life in Eugene was the cooler weather, but Lane’s International Programs helped him acclimate. “They make sure you’re feeling safe, sending emails and texts and even peer mentors to ask if you need anything,” Kodjovi says. While living at Titan Court, he soon learned his way around town and campus, even getting a job as a math tutor in Lane’s STEM Learning Zone, all while working his way toward his aviation dreams.

He immediately clicked with his instructors and classmates. “Jeremy [Kaetterhenry] was my mentor, although I don’t know if he knew that,” Kodjovi says with a laugh. He recounts fond memories of his favorite class, “Return to Service,” where he and his classmates broke away from textbooks and got hands on with repairs, working together to troubleshoot mechanical problems. He still keeps in touch with friends from the Aviation Maintenance program.

After graduating in 2023, Kodjovi went on to get his FAA certifications and was soon recruited by SkyWest. When he’s not working on planes, he’s exploring downtown Chicago and planning to continue his education by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Aviation.

Kodjovi’s advice for future Aviation Maintenance students? “This program is great if you love tearing things apart and putting them back together again.” He notes that students can even enter the program with no previous mechanical knowledge, but advises them to plan for costs like tools and transportation.

With a nostalgic smile, Kodjovi says, “Overall, the Aviation Maintenance program will be a fantastic adventure in which they will step in.”