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Offering free tutoring to Lane students in a variety of subject areas. Our safe learning environments encourage students to gain comfort and independence while learning, practicing and developing new skills.

Choose your subject area from the list of tutor centers on the left. Try all the tutors. Everyone is different.

What can you expect from a tutor?

95% of students who use tutors are either very or somewhat satisfied! Check out what students are saying on our video page.


Saturday tutoring will be offered from 10-2 the weekend before finals in the Business Resource Center, Science Resource Center and at the Downtown Campus 101 W. 10th St. Eugene.
  • Avoid Procrastination
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help, we all need it for something.
  • Visit tutor centers early and often for maximum success!
  • Remember, learning is NOT a spectator sport

General Questions:

Liz Coleman-Tutoring Services Coordinator

Office: Center Building, Room 430
Phone: (541) 463-5783
Email: colemanl@lanecc.edu

If you need support or assistance because of a disability, you may be eligible for academic accommodations through Center for Accessible Resources. For more information, contact Center for Accessible Resources at (541) 463-5150 (voice) or (541) 463-3079 (TTY), or stop by Building 1, Room 218.

All attending tutored students will be asked to add a non-credit, tuition-free CRN# once per term. This allows Lane to receive reimbursement from the state for services provided to students.