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What is the TRiO Learning Center?

The TRiO Learning Center at Lane Community College helps students succeed. It is a federally funded program with the goal of helping students stay in school and successfully graduate from Lane Community College and/or transfer to a four-year institution. The services are provided free to eligible students to assist them in meeting the varied challenges of college life.

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The TRiO Learning Center honors diversity.
We all work together to create a safe
environment where everyone is
treated with dignity and respect.
All people are welcome here!

What can the TRiO Learning Center provide to create success in college?

  • Effective study skills and time management.
  • Extra academic help for challenging classes.
  • People who support your educational goals.
  • Quality academic advising and counseling.
  • A place to belong.

How can the TRiO Learning Center help you achieve your goals?

The TLC is a place to come for advice, support and encouragement. There are many issues that create challenges in college. The TLC staff are available to assist you individually with whatever your concerns may be, and throughout your time at LaneCC. TRiO staff will follow your academic progress, suggest ways to help you be successful at LaneCC, and support you as you work towards your academic goals.

What services does the TRiO Learning Center provide?

  • Individual and small group tutoring with emphasis in math, science, writing and computers
  • Computer lab 
  • Academic advising
  • Personal and career counseling
  • Information and referral to services on and off campus
  • Mentoring
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • Study groups
  • Special workshops and classes
  • Assistance with transfer planning
  • Visits to Oregon four-year colleges and universities
  • Assistance with scholarship and grant applications

What is the difference between TRiO and TRiO STEM?

TRiO STEM provides specialized services geared specifically to support the needs of first-generation, low income and/or students with disabilities to students in science, technology, engineering and math. TRiO provides services to non-STEM majors. Regardless of your major, TRiO Programs have documented success in assisting students with their academic and professional endeavors. The TRiO and TRiO STEM staff is dedicated to the personal and academic success of all our students.

Who can receive services from the TRIO Learning Center?

To be eligible for the TRiO Learning Center you must meet the following criteria:

1. Be enrolled and seeking a two-year degree at Lane or to transfer to a
four-year college or university, and have a need for academic support;
2. Intend to achieve your degree or transfer within three years of
enrolling at LaneCC unless there are special circumstances (this typically
requires attending school full-time);
3. Be a United States citizen or a permanent resident;
4. Meet at least one of the following criteria (2/3 must meet two criteria);

a. Neither parent received a four-year degree;
b. Qualify for financial aid or meet financial need guidelines;
c. Have a documented disability and qualify for services through the Center for Accessible Resources.

*Students who have already earned a degree are not eligible to enroll in TRiO.

The TLC has only 200 slots each year. Enrollment is limited to about 100 students each year. Once you enroll in TRiO, you remain a TRiO student until you leave LaneCC.

How can I find out more about the TRiO Learning Center?

Please call the TRiO Learning Center at (541) 463-3131, or drop by the TLC in the Student Services Building, Building 1, Room 219 at Lane Community College. A TRiO staff member will explain how to apply to become a TRiO student.

The TRiO Learning Center is a Student Support Services program funded by the US Department of Education, Division of Special Services, Title IV, Higher Education Act of 1965, ($243,641 in 2013-14).