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Sustainability Highlight:

Oregon Higher Education Sustainablity Conference -

Hosted by Lane Commuity College, February 4-5 2016

Empowering Tomorrow's Changemakers

Lane Community College (LCC) hosted the 2016 Oregon Higher Education Sustainability Conference in the Center for Meeting and Learning on main campus in Eugene, Oregon.

We will investigate societal challenges, test drive potential solutions and shepherd in a sustainable future. Spur the advancement and adoption of sustainability at institutes of learning and beyond, as attendees carry new knowledge, skills and connections into the broader professional and academic arenas. Become a partner of the event and gain recognition for your organization's leadership in advancing sustainability and the opportunity to showcase your accomplishments, services and solutions to a diverse audience of administration, faculty and students.

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April 7, 2015

In one term, Student Services staff lowered their baseline electrical energy use by 9 percent breaking a 10-year record of energy use increases in Building 1. The team saved enough energy during the winter 2015 term over the baseline year of 2005 to power nine average Lane county houses and saved the college over $950 dollars. How did they do that?

The Institute for Sustainable Practices (ISP) gives a big shout out to staff in the Testing, Student Finance, Enrollment Services, Counseling and Disability Services areas for bringing their green to work every day. By consistently turning off their un-needed lighting and equipment plug loads Building 1 Student Services staff made a big difference with small steps. The Testing office changed their procedures for turning on and off computers, Student Finance stepped up and turned their area lights off, Enrollment Services and Counseling implemented plug load controls to shut off office equipment when no one was using it, and Disability Services encouraged and educated their staff and students to 'Turn It Off'.

You can help Lane Community College make a difference in the fight against climate change. Participate in the college wide "Turn It Off"' campaign which targets lighting and equipment plug loads by encouraging people to take small steps at work to save energy and make a big difference. Take a virtual tour at to find out more about how Student Services lowered their electrical energy use and hit the bulls-eye on their target. Student and energy savings success starts here! Submitted by Anna E Scott, 5805.