Geospatial Information Science and Technology

Geospatial Information Science 

Geospatial Information Science and Technology - students using a gps

What's the starting pay?

Lane County average hourly - $22.58; average annual - $46,962
Oregon average hourly - $23.22; average annual - $46,962

Prepares graduates for careers as GIS technicians who work in a variety of fields to collect, map, analyze, and manage spatial data. GIS technicians are employed by organizations involved in forestry and natural resource exploration, mapping companies, utility companies, research organizations, city government, public safety organizations, the military, health and human services organizations, and consulting firms (e.g. in environmental, engineering, forestry, surveying and marketing fields). GIS technicians help develop and manage spatial data (information related to location), use data to make decisions and mange resources, and create and update maps for use in reports and presentations.

What's the Geospatial Information Science Career Pathway Certificate at Lane like?
Get the scoop from students and faculty in this career preview video.