Social Science

Social Science

Welcome to Social Science!

The Social Science Office is being staffed remotely Monday - Friday (closed on Fridays during summer term) 8am - 5pm by phone 541-463-5427 and email

The Social Science Division offers courses about people, their social and cultural heritage, and their behavior. These subjects are important to being successful in any profession or vocation, and they contribute to the quality of our lives.

Most Social Science classes may be applied toward baccalaureate majors in American studies, anthropology, community service, economics, education, ethnic studies, general social science, geography, history, law, law enforcement, corrections, philosophy, political science, psychology, public administration, and sociology. The division offers these professional/technical programs: Criminal Justice, Community Service, and Early Childhood Education.

Note: Professional/technical courses cannot be used to meet social science general education requirements for Lane or baccalaureate degrees.