Welcome to the Discipline of Chemistry!

Beakers graphicThe Chemistry Discipline offers a variety of courses in introductory, general and organic chemistry. Students in Chemistry will apply chemical concepts to societal aspects of such topics as environmental concerns for air and water quality, biochemistry of food and drugs and pharmaceuticals. We also offer classes for students majoring in a variety of science related fields such as Chemistry, Biology, Earth & Environmental Science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Pre-Vet, Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Nursing, Dental Hygiene and many others. Each of our courses offers students learning opportunities both in the classroom and laboratory.

The Chemistry Discipline also offers learning opportunities outside of the classroom. The Green Chemistry Club was established in 2002 and works to educate the community on green chemistry and to promote sustainability. Community service projects include chemistry presentations in elementary schools, soil and water testing, and building a small biodiesel plant on campus. The Green Chemistry Club - "saving the world one reaction at a time." The Chemistry Discipline also celebrates Mole Day. Stop by the Science building (16) to see what fun activities we have planned. We hope to see you in one of our classes soon.

Better living through chemistry!