Registering for a Class

Registering for a Class

Quality Care Connections offers many classes during each quarter. Most of these classes have limited space, and often people on a waiting list who want to attend. In order to make registering for classes easy, convenient, and economical, we have expanded our options on how to register. However, we need your help to refine these methods. Please review the following procedures so that you can ensure a speedy and accurate registration process.

You may register for a class using the following methods:

  1. Register Online for the current term.
  2. Email registrations, with credit card & participant information
  3. By phone, using a credit card, at (541) 463-3307 or (800) 222-3290
  4. Fax registrations with credit card & participant information to (541) 463-4724
  5. Mailing registration to FC 4000 E. 30th Avenue Eugene OR 97405, with credit card authorization or check or money order along with participant information.
  6. In person at LCC Main Campus, Bldg #24, Monday-Friday 9 am - 3 pm, or using our after hours drop box on the outside of our building.

Registration in a class is NOT guaranteed and is NOT confirmed until we have received payment and the required information on each participant. (Occasionally dates, times, locations and classes may change or cancel. Please check website, the training hotline (541) 463-3309, and or your confirmation letter or email for clarification of session details.)

Steps to Follow

Submit your first name, last name, permanent address, home telephone, date of birth, who you work for (if employed by someone else), the names and dates of classes you are registering for, and payment (one payment can be submitted), regardless of the method of registration.


Registration requests must be submitted in advance, it's best to send it at least 7 -10 business days before the session. While we do accept registration up until the class day, this is conditional upon space being available, and receipt of payment and information prior to the close of business on that day, or Friday if it is a weekend class. If you mail registration forms the same week as the class, there may not be room in the class, or we may not receive your information in time to pre-register you. If you do not have confirmation you are registered, you cannot attend the session. If you are unsure whether you are pre-registered, please call our office to verify prior to attending the session.


You will receive a confirmation letter 2-3 business days after you register for your class(es) or a confirmation email (if you have provided an e-mail address) within 24 hours after registration. The confirmation letter or e-mail will have information such as building and room number, and start date and time. This is the only confirmation you will receive. Help us save on paper and register for multiple classes at one time!

Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility to make sure you register properly, and that you call in advance if you need to cancel. While we do not give refunds, if given 24 hour notice, you can receive a credit to attend a different class. Lack of 24 hour notice will result in a forfeit of your payment. If you lose your reminder card, newsletter, or you forget when and where the class is, please call our training coordinator at (541) 463-3307.

If you have any questions about classes or this process you can call our Provider Consultant, Training Coordinator at (541) 463-3307, or (800) 222-3290.