ESL Attendance Policy

Why is attendance important?

  • Regular and consistent attendance is very important as it will help you succeed in your goal of learning English.
  • Whether your instructor is presenting new material or review material, every class session is an opportunity to learn new skills and practice with your classmates.
  • It’s difficult for the instructor and the class to build their skills and progress if a large number of students are frequently absent.
  • If you miss quizzes or activities, your grade may be lower and your teacher may not let you make up the work.
  • Students who miss more than 30% of their classes by the 8th week of class will be dropped if teachers do not expect the students to come back.

Attendance Expectations:

  • Attend each class at least once in the first week of term.
  • Arrive on time to class every day and stay the entire class time.
  • Be present to take the final exam during finals week. Alternate finals schedules will not be available.
  • Sometimes during the term you might get sick or have an emergency. If this happens to you, please email or call your teacher and do not come to class.

Struggling with Attendance?

We understand you have personal, family, and work obligations and we want to help you be successful.

  • Once you reach 10% absence, our ESL advisor will reach out to you to discuss strategies for improving attendance.
  • Once you reach 20% absence, our ESL advisor will invite you to meet with them to help you plan what you can do to improve your attendance and performance in your classes.
  • If absences exceed 30%, the likelihood that you will pass your classes is very low and you may have to repeat the level.
  • Students who miss final exams will need to repeat the level.
  • Students with a medical emergency or other unavoidable circumstances may submit a request for exception with supporting documentation.
    •  Except in case of emergency, the appeal for an exception must be submitted at least 10 days in advance.
    • For medical and unforeseeable emergencies the appeal must be submitted as soon as possible after the final.
    • Students must include proof of the emergency or other issue.

International ESL Students have different requirements, visit the International Program Guidelines page for more information.