Observation Code of Conduct for Potential PTA Students

As a potential Lane Community College Physical Therapist Assistant Program applicant, you represent yourself and the college when you are completing PT observation hours. Please be advised of the following expectations for conduct for a Physical Therapist Assistant Student Applicant.

Setting Up Observation Hours

  • Be courteous when calling to request observation time
  • Due to limited acute care (hospital) opportunities in Eugene/Springfield, consider hospitals in outlying areas, such as Corvallis, Roseburg or the Coast
  • Your observation hours can span various settings (hospital, outpatient, nursing home) – do not expect to complete all your observation hours in a single facility.

Observation Behavior

  • Be on time (10 minutes early) for your scheduled observation
  • Do not use cell phones or other technology during your observation time – all devices are to be turned off during this time
  • Observation means watching – when observing physical therapy treatments, only interact with the PT/PTA or patient when you are prompted.  Never interrupt a treatment session with comments or questions
  • Ask questions of the PT/PTA in private after the treatment or at the end of the day
  • Talk to the PT/PTA when you first arrive to ask if there are any other expectations
  • Always thank the patient and PT/PTA for allowing you to observe.

Dress Code

  • Wear clean and neat clothing, no holes or tattered edges
  • No open-toed shoes or flip-flops
  • Keep skin fully covered – no midriff or cleavage or undergarments showing
  • Do not wear cologne or perfume as some patients are sensitive odors
  • Do not wear excessive jewelry or make-up
  • Ask before your first day if the facility has any other specific dress code


  • Respect patient privacy. Do not share any information or activity you observe with anyone else
  • The facility may have you sign a privacy notice or watch a Privacy Act presentation before completing your observation hours.

Remember that your PTA Program application will be reviewed thoroughly and observation hours will be verified. Any unacceptable behavior can be reported by the clinic staff where you complete your observation. Make a good impression.

Contact Christina Howard, MPT, Program Coordinator at (541) 463-5764 for questions or additional information regarding program observation admissions requirements.