Prepare for ALEKS Placement

ALEKS Placement Preparation and Learning youtube image

What's a Least Common Denominator?  Factoring? Ratio?

These topics, and many others, will be part of the placement assessment and can significantly impact your placement.

If you're like many students you may have forgotten these concepts. Luckily, we have customized review material available to help you remember topics you may have forgotten! 

To access review material that is customized specifically for you, login to ALEKS using your L number. The ALEKS placement assessment software will give you a brief practice assessment to determine what topics would be best for you to review in preparation for your scheduled appointment and give you a chance to see what the assessment will look like on that day.

Often students need just a little review of fractions, ratios, and percentages to make a significant improvement in their math placement. Just a few hours of review in ALEKS can save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of class time!

Once you're ready, check out our guide on the ALEKS placement assessment.