Reading Instruction


EL 110 - Effective College Reading

This course has an emphasis on reading and study strategies for disciplinary-specific texts. It offers an introduction to discipline-specific study methods and approaches to successfully read course textbooks and assessments, how to navigate information technology in the subject area, and how to develop rich academic vocabulary.

Reading 087

This course is the entry level reading course offered by the Academic Learning Skills Department.  In Reading 087, students learn active reading strategies such as finding main idea and supporting details to improve textbook reading comprehension. In addition, students develop techniques for increasing their vocabulary and creating study tools. Reading selections from actual first-year textbooks are part of the course. This class must be taken at the same time as EL115R. Each RD 087 class is linked with a specific EL115R section.

If you test into RD087, be sure to register for its companion section of EL115R at the same time. Do not register for EL115 until you can register for RD087/EL115R. Ask your advisor for more information. Once students take EL115 as a part of RD087 and passed, they should not register for a stand-alone EL115.

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