Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Lane's integrated planning and institutional effectiveness model is designed to support and further the college’s mission, with a focus on student learning and success. The model forms the basis for regular and effective assessment, improvement, accomplishment, and adaptation.

Core themes and their associated indicators represent the highest level of mission fulfillment at the college. Strategic directions are established every five years as part of a comprehensive strategic planning process that identifies priority actions needed to support and improve achievement of Lane’s core theme objectives. Other institutional plans (learning plan, campus master plan, diversity plan, strategic enrollment management plan, technology plan, long-range financial plan, strategic projects and initiatives), program review and annual department planning support both the strategic directions and core themes and inform and are informed by each other.

Core Themes

Strategic Directions:

  • Commitment to Student Learning and Success
  • A Culture of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation
  • Access, Equity, and Inclusion through Social Justice
  • Strengthened Community
  • Financial and Environmental Stewardship