Course and Degree Information

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Dance Course and Degree Information

Degree Information:

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer for Dance Majors:

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree is designed for students who want to complete the first two years of college education, with flexibility to transfer to any institution within the Oregon University System (OUS). The AAOT is a block­transfer degree, which means a student with an AAOT is guaranteed to have met lower division (100 and 200 level) general education requirements at an OUS institution, with junior status.

The Dance Program offers four courses that satisfy the Arts and Letters requirement for the AAOT Degree including D160 Dance Composition, D260 Group Choreography, D251 Looking at Dance, and D256 Body As Knowledge.

The Lane Dance Program prepares students to audition for in­state and out­of­state institutions offering a degree in dance. Students must be highly motivated, disciplined and self­directed.

We maintain articulation agreements with the University of Oregon and Western Oregon Dance Departments making it possible to transfer and audition into third year status.

Course Information:

We offer a wide range of classes from serious training for students pursuing a career in the dance field, to recreational dance for non­majors and community members.

Progressive courses are offered in Modern, Ballet, and Jazz. The choreography series includes Improvisation, Dance Composition and Group Choreography. Somatic classes include Gyrokinesis, Body­Mind Stretch and Relaxation, Gyrokinesis, Pilates, Dancing the Fluid Body (Continuum Movement), Authentic Movement, Fluid Yoga, and Contact Improvisation. Students explore world dance in Balinese and African. Hip Hop, Musical Theater and Tap are also offered. All of our courses are taught by experienced and dedicated dance educators.

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Course Offerings:

The Lane Dance Program maintains an articulation agreement with the University of Oregon Dance Department making it possible to transfer some dance credits. Students must audition at the University of Oregon or any out-of-state institution offering a degree in dance. Lane offers the instructional quality and range of courses necessary for the serious dance student to achieve the technical proficiency required to audition as a third-year dance major. Students must be highly motivated, disciplined and self-directed.

Master Classes:

There are many opportunities to learn from inspiring Lane Dance Faculty and renowned visiting artists. Lane dance students have had the privilege of taking master classes with artist such as Bill Evans, Susan Marshall, Alvin Ailey Dance Company, David Parsons Dance Company, Joe Goode Dance Company, Pat Graney, Christian Swenson, Nita Little, Martha Graham Dance Company, Nrityagram Dance Company, Amy O'Neil, Aaron Draper, Repertory Dance Company, Stephanie Skura, Barbara Mahler and Christopher Watson, Melecio Estrella, and Christopher Morgan.

For more information about any aspect of the dance program, contact:

Bonnie Simoa
(541) 463-5645