What is PASS Lane?

"PASS" or Pathways, Academic Skills, and Services targets students in ABSE, ESL, GED or other students interested in transitioning to credit classes while working on reading, writing and math skills. Students admitted to PASS Lane options are given the opportunity to take specific credit level Career Technical classes and integrated non-credit ABSE or ESL classes simultaneously, regardless of if they have passed the college placement test. Students also benefit from individualized coaching, proactive cohort advising, reading and study skill development, student success workshops and services, employer speakers, industry tours and more.

PASS icon with diagram of services, Pathways connected to Services connected to Academic Skills all helping the student

Upon completion of PASS Lane options, students:

  • May have completed a Career Pathway Certificate of completion.
  • Will have earned college credits towards the related Associates degree.
  • Will have enhanced both job search and college success skills
  • Will receive continued support in either job search or academic transition based on individual goals.

We are currently recruiting for the following PASS Lane options:

Fall 2017

PASS Lane: Bridge to Heath Professions

PASS Lane: Bridge to Industrial Technology

Winter 2017

PASS Lane: Early Childhood Education

PASS Lane: Health Professions

Spring 2018

PASS Lane: Certified Nursing Assistant

Apply to PASS Lane

Students interested in the PASS Lane options must meet with Pathways staff and fully complete a PASS Lane Application. It is critical that students understand the full academic expectations and commitments associated with the PASS Lane options.

Attend an information /application session listed on the above fliers!

For more information visit our office: Building 11, Room 201, or contact :
Marcia Koenig: (541) 463-5818,
Rosa Lopez, (541) 463-4726,